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Imperial Health Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture


"Treat The Root and Not Just

The Symptom"


Our Services

Our practitioners care for your health & help your body reach its maximum potential. 

What We Can Help With

Chinese Medicine treats the body from a holistic approach by promoting Qi (Energy) flow in our body helping with the body to heal and find its natural balance. 

Internal Medicine

Helping with all complex multisystem disorders including neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders.

Weight Management 

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help to promote metabolism to maintain a healthy weight.


Digestive Health

Improving your Gastrointestinal Health, for better absorption of nutrient to nourish your body for a better overall health.

Stress & Anxiety

Acupuncture helps to calm and relax the body by promoting Qi and Blood circulation, reducing stress and anxiety. 

Pain Management

Help with Arthritis, sport injuries, pains & aches through acupuncture by promoting Qi and Blood circulation.



Skin Conditions are often caused by low immune, chinese medicine health build our immune and help with skin health.

General Health

Speak to our practitioners for lifestyle and diet advice for better health from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

​Health Insurance Rebates

  • Covered by all major private insurance provides

  • On the spot claims for private health insurance 

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