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  • Should I eat before Acupuncture?
    Yes, please make sure you have had some food before coming for an Acupuncture session. We do not recommend you coming in to Acupuncture with an empty stomach.
  • What do I wear to an Acupuncture session?
    We recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing. Practitioners usually will need to access acupuncture points and arms, hands, legs and feet. It is a lot easier if you wear pants that can be loosely rolled up. Comfortable clothing will also help you feel more relaxed during your treatment.
  • Is Acupuncture covered by private health insurance?
    Yes. Acupuncture is covered under all major private health insurance. However whether you are covered and how much it covers depends on your private health fund. Please see your or contact your private health insurance regarding your coverage.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The rate of acupuncture response differs for every individual and depends condition. Our practitioners will indicate how many sessions it may take and outline a most suitable treatment plan for you at your first acupuncture session. We recommend committing to your treatment plan to get best results to assist we provide treatment packages to help you commit to your treatment plan. Ask our practitioner for more information.
  • How often should I come in for Acupuncture?
    The frequency of treatments depends on each individual and the condition. Usually practitioners would recommend weekly or treatments two to three times a week for the initial stage (first few weeks) of treatment and then once week or fortnightly for the duration of your treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is complete your practitioner may suggest you to continue monthly maintenance treatments.
  • Does Acupuncture hurt?
    With Acupuncture it is usually painless or with very mild pain. Patients may feel a slight dull sensation around the local area known as "De Qi" which indicates the point is working or a slight pinch when the needle is inserted on to the body. If at anytime the needle feels uncomfortable please inform the practitioner and they can adjust the needle for you.
  • How do I prepare the herbs?
    At Imperial Health we offer 3 forms of herbs which suits all patients needs, our practitioner will suggest which one is most suitable for you. Patent (Pills, Tablet or Liquid) Form - Taken like any regular medication with water. Taken according to instruction usually written on the packaging. Granules Form - They are convenient, clear instructions will be provide by our practitioner and written on you prescription. A measuring spoon will also be provide please use the spoon for accurate the dosage. Scoop out x number of spoons based on your dosage prescribed by your practitioner and mix with some hot or warm water to drink. Raw Herbs - We have raw herbs available, these require more time and effort to cook but are usually more potent and most effective. This is recommended for some patients in the form of Tea or a decoction. For Tea, simply place the herbs in to the tea bags provided if not already, place it in to a tea pot or cup and infuse in hot water for 3 - 5 minutes and drink. For Decoction, our practitioner will provide you with clear details once prescribed and please see blog post on Chinese Medicine Herbal Decoctions.
  • How long do I need to take Chinese Medicine Herbs?
    Herbal Medicine is personalised and will acts differently for each patient and condition, therefore the duration will differ and will be assessed based on the progress of your condition.
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